Serving All Of Greater Toronto

Serving All Of Greater Toronto

Home Addition

Instead of searching to find a home with more space for your expanding needs, consider another option: home addition. Maybe an additional bedroom, entryway or playroom isn’t enough, so explore the option of adding a second story, expanding a bathroom, or even turning an attic space into a master suite or home entertainment area. high level contractors can creatively add additional square footage to you home so that you almost feel you’ve moved into a new house.

True Transparency & Superior Craftsmanship

high level contractors has pride in working only with the finest local designers and architects. You will be in control of your project from start to finish when you use our proprietary Client Control method to access your timeline, communicate with us directly, and choose details like finishes and fixtures. Better yet, you will have hard prices before you approve any trade or service. We want you to have full confidence and certainty that your project is exactly the way you want it to be. We live up to our reputation of having the best products and outstanding designs.

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